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Recently I was watching one of the old M*A*S*H episodes that had some parallels to today’s mainstream news.

The theme of the episode was based upon the imaginary childhood friend of the main character, Hawkeye Pierce, who was portrayed by… Continued 

The recent ouster of FBI Director James Comey was long overdue.

Comey was the law enforcement gatekeeper of the Obama Administration whose function was to deflect law enforcement away from justice issues that Obama and his ilk did not want… Continued 

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) changes name to CoreCivic(Click for larger Image)

The Current Treatment of Ammon Bundy at a CoreCivic Facility


Ammon Bundy Speaks from the Prison — May 30, 2017:


The Nevada Southern Detention Center (owned… Continued 


The Disney Washington Monument

In a surprise move, White House spokesman Jay Carney announced today that the President signed an Executive Order authorizing the United States Park Service to enter into contracts to lease selected properties that the Park… Continued 

Censorship.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom of the press.  Much ado has been made in the past week concerning legislation pending before both houses of the United States Congress, and with good reason.  On February 18, 2012,… Continued 

su·prem·a·cy [suh-prem-uh-see, alternate soo-premm-ah-see]


1. The state of being supreme.

2. Supreme authority or power.

he·gem·o·ny [hi-jem-uh-nee, alternate hej-uh-moh-nee]


1. Leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others,… Continued 

When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

— Sinclair Lewis (1885 – 1951)

I have, for many decades now, espoused my fascination for Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Party of the… Continued 


Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller, replying to questions on the atrocities of the concentration camps, at a press conference in Naples, Italy, and confirming that he actually had written a widely publicized letter from such a camp, early in… Continued 

The issue of the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama hold the office of President of the United States has euphemistically become known as the “Birther” Movement, coined by those in the Mainstream Media and their ilk who take pleasure in… Continued 

Incrementalism is like boiling a frog!

Incrementalism… the same way they sold us Social Security.

In my presentations I often refer to the term “incrementalism,” so I thought I would take a moment and explain how it applies to your… Continued