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"It Was Russia!" "It Was Russia!" "Yes, Russia Did It; That’s the Ticket!"

Recently I was watching one of the old M*A*S*H episodes that had some parallels to today’s mainstream news. Read More

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Comey Island Fun

Comey Island Fun -The recent ouster of FBI Director James Comey was long overdue. Read More

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About the Corrections Corporation of America/CoreCivic
About the Corrections Corporation of America/CoreCivic -

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) changes name to CoreCivic Read More

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Censorship.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom of the press.  Much ado has been made in the past week concerning legislation pending before both houses of the United States Congress, and with good reason.  On February 18, 2012, many websites “went dark” in a protest of this legislation, including this one and my main website www.brianbrown.net. Read More

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Judicial Supremacy… Is it Really Judicial Hegemony or Just Judicial Tyranny?
su·prem·a·cy [suh-prem-uh-see, alternate soo-premm-ah-see] Read More

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Neo-Nazism — Its not what and who you think it is!
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History Repeats Itself?


History Repeats Itself? -

Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller, replying to questions on the atrocities of the concentration camps, at a press conference in Naples, Italy, and confirming that he actually had written a widely publicized letter from such a camp, early in the war, to be permitted to serve in the military (June 5, 1945). Read More

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The “Birther” Movement
The “Birther” Movement -

Nine points of forgery of Obama’s birth Certificate. Read More

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Incrementalism -

Incrementalism is like boiling a frog! Read More

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“Crony Capitalism”
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