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Busted: “Feminist” Hillary Was WARNED About Disgusting Dem Donor Actions -

Hillary Clinton knew, she just didn’t care.

Hillary Clinton has long proclaimed herself the champion of women. However, just like most liberals, that cause only means something if it suits her agenda. If that might hold her back from what she wants, Hillary is more than willing to discard it. Proof of this disturbing trait has been presented from an unusual source, Lena Dunham.

The actress along with magazine editor Tina Brown have come forward to say that Hillary knew about mega-donor Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct long before it became public knowledge.

In fact, a New York Times investigation claims that both Hillary and Bill were part of the plot to stop the movie producer’s history from being exposed. Weinstein was providing a lot of money to Hillary’s campaign and she took it despite knowing the truth.

Busted: “Feminist” Hillary Was WARNED About Disgusting Dem Donor Actions -

Weinstein is a longtime friend and donor of the Clintons.

Dunham and Brown both claim they warned Hillary as far back as 2008 about Weinstein’s behavior. Last year Dunham emailed the Clinton campaign deputy to tell him;

“’I just want you to let you know that Harvey’s a rapist and this is going to come out at some point. It’s a really bad idea for him to host fundraisers and be involved.”

It should be noted that Dunham has always labeled herself as a feminist as well. So the fact that she knew about Weinstein’s behavior, knew Hillary was aware and still continued to support her campaign doesn’t speak well for the actress.

It would also be prudent to know why, if Dunham and Brown were so aware of Weinstein’s conduct, why did they not make it public? Back to Hillary though.

Busted: “Feminist” Hillary Was WARNED About Disgusting Dem Donor Actions -

Lena Dunham (right) knew that Hillary knew, she still supported her campaign.

The failed presidential candidate has been quiet on her long-time friend and donor’s actions. Some claim that it is possible that the warnings never made it to the Clintons but that seems highly unlikely. It appears that the reason Weinstein was able to keep his behavior a secret so long was his money and power. Using high-powered friends such as the Clintons and a lot of money kept people quiet until now.

Weinstein is currently being investigated by police in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. He also includes Barack Obama on his friends list.

The wealthy man has given at least $1.4 million to Hillary’s presidential campaign. Having a friend in the White House would have been highly beneficial to him. When Bill was facing impeachment, his friend Weinstein donated $10,000 to his legal defense.

Source: Daily Mail

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